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Hi, Aspiring Blogger. These are the areas of digital marketing that we specifically lecture on, As far as we know, Digital Marketing is a huge field to experiment with, and this excellent field comprises of various other major marketing strategies, each of which are equally important for a Digital Marketing Strategy to work to its best possible extent. At Aspiring Bloggers Institute of Nigeria we specialize in this areas, so be ensured your transform from being a novice to becoming a professional is well guaranteed.
Digital Marketing Fundamentals
First and foremost, as a beginner, you get to learn the fundamentals of digital marketing before furthering your quest into digital marketing.
Website Creation
Your digital marketing career starts here, we lecture you on all you need to learn about creating, designing and managing your website.
Content Marketing
Learning Content Marketing, you learn how to create and write relevant and engaging contents, to get people to connect more to your brand. And since Digital Marketing offers the flexibility to share content, your viewers can share content, which means more people know about your company. this is the follow up to Website Creation Course.
Search Engine Optimization
Moving forward with your digital marketing knowledge acquisition, we lecture all you need to know about Search Engine Optimization, with the most understandable methods too!
Search Engine Marketing
By undergoing this course, you learn how to advertise your website/business using search engines. This is the follow up course to Search Engine Optimization, it is almost similar to each other yet are different from each other.
Social Media Marketing
Social media is a vast field, and using it in the right way to market your brand can bring a huge turnout. Learning social media marketing, You get to learn how to use the social media to drive traffic to your website, and also get your business reach the right customers and individuals.
Email Marketing
Learn how to build up your email marketing list, drive customers to your business, website and sell products and services to customers that will patronize you through emailing them.
Affiliate Marketing
By Learning Affiliate marketing, you get to learn the process of earning a commission by promoting other people's (or company's) products.


Aspiring Bloggers Institute Of Nigeria is a Nigerian based online institution that teaches beginners all they need to learn about in the digital marketing industry through easy to understand lectures. We aim to provide you with the best experience ever and we don’t need to Brag about our success as our Students Testimonies Keeps On Speaking of our excellent Lectures.
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